Here is what you need to do to place an order:


1- Go to the menu page.

2- Make your order- this can be done by choosing and clicking the various (i.e. Burgers-Pizzas – Starters… etc.)

3- Add your Post code; it should be within the code areas (M22)

4- Next the (Checkout Button).

5- For new new customers click on (new customer), then input in your details and click submit.

6- For existing customer just type your email address - password then click on - sign in.

7- Choose your payment method (Cash or Online).

8- Choose the time you want for your order, please allow 45 minutes for Delivery orders and 20 minutes for collection orders.

9- Fill in the rest of the details (for new customers only).

10- Click on (continue).

11- You have to click on (I agree) to term and condition to submit your order.

12- Once your order has been submitted you will be taken to a confirmation page, as well as receiving a confirmation email.



For any further help please contact us. Thank you.

24 Portway
Woodhouse Park
Wythenshaw, Manchester
M22 1UB

Tel : 0161 437 1110

Email address: [email protected]